Bartender for Hire NYC

Bartending service is more than just putting spirits and mixes into a glass. It requires the right combination of friendliness, willingness to listen, panache, and skill. Our bartenders for hire are highly skilled and well-trained and will provide professional, friendly service at your next catering event. They take pride in making your event enjoyable whether it’s a wedding, fundraiser, or just a company party to increase esprit de corps. They’re more than capable of handling a large party while keeping everyone happy.

Mixology is to bartending what German microbreweries are to beer connoisseurs. Much like “Guitar George,” who knows all the chords, in Dire Straits’ famous song, our mixologists know all the drinks. They might even know a few of which you’ve never heard! They’re still professionally trained and highly motivated, but their specialty is small, intimate private gatherings from a few close friends to perhaps two dozen partygoers. Whether you want a simple whiskey sour or the Earth recipe of the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, our mixologists will whip it up for you. They’ll even make custom cocktails for you, especially if you’ve given your favorite personal concoction a spiffy name!

In addition to our first-class bar staff, we also offer a wide variety of bar equipment for rent. Should you want only the best for your next New York City event, you can get everything you need from us, from glasses to giant, portable bars. Take a gander at our party rentals webpage. Everything on it is categorized for your convenience.

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