Do you really want to impress
your guests?Reserve a beautiful
and unique cascading chocolate fountain.


Do you want a regular event or do you really want to impress?

Your guests don’t expect to find a chocolate fountain, much less decorated with a fruit buffet! It is simply something impressive! But don’t worry, we make that impression possible

Rent our chocolate fountain separately or in combination with a complete fruit buffet

You won’t find a better time to add a chocolate fountain to your catering and party rentals. A popular feature for wedding parties, every bride wants a chocolate fountain for their reception party. Set up takes only minutes and operation could not be easier. The heavy duty fountain maintains chocolate at an ideal temperature (approx 105-110°). The precision stainless steel auger re circulates the warm chocolate up through the fountain and back down over the stainless steel tiers. Looking for something unique & elegant for your next event? A fountain of tantalizing chocolate at your next event  is sure to make a lasting impression! Our Chocolate Fountains  add a touch of class to any type of event. Dipping your favorite fruit, pretzels, marshmallows  or cookies into the chocolate is not only delicious,  it’s entertaining as well! All chocolate is included 3 hours of continue service

The Finest Chocolate

We only use the finest quality Premium Sephra chocolate. 

Made in one of the oldest cocoa.

Premium Sephra Finest Chocolate is ready for you. To surprise you

world-class usability and to indulge your guests’ taste buds with the 

chocolate flavor they love! Do you really want to make of your event

 unique and different? Our cascade of chocolate combined with our

 fruit buffet will not only dazzle but also entertain your guests. We offer 3 different types of chocolate: 

Traditional milk chocolate, artisan dark chocolate and magical white  chocolate, which we can transform into a color of your choice

Your Chocolate Options




All Colors of the Rainbow


To fully adapt the chocolate fountain to the theme of the party and to make it even more festive, 

we offer the possibility to transform white chocolate into any desired color. 


Orange, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple


Dipping Items

Your Choice






Cream Puffs

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Rice Krispie


Pound Cake

Oreo cookies

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The purchased services are delivered on location at an agreed time and fully built up by us. The fruit is cut, the plates are filled and, if desired, our professionals will accompany your guests to the end. Afterwards we will clean up everything ourselves. All that’s left is to enjoy!


We provide everything you need to fully enjoy the chocolate fountain and its treats. The only thing you have to ensure is that a table is ready on site. We will take care of the rest. For example, we provide plates, napkins, picks and of course the crockery where the fruit and snacks go.

Inspired? Lets create a story toguether, let’s started.


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