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Wait Staff For Hire in LA

In LA, many staffing agencies create uncertainty about the people you’ll get until they show up, if they do. With NYE Staffing, the wait staff you hire is reliable, giving you peace of mind.

Banquet Servers for Events

Servers for Hire

Enhance your event in Los Angeles with our waiters services. Count on us, ensuring reliable and skilled staff to create an impeccable and memorable experience.

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Buffet Attendant for Hire in LA

These professionals help maintain cleanliness, replenish food items, assist guests with any questions, and manage the overall presentation of the buffet.

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Buffet Attendant in Los Angeles

Busser Staff

Their responsibilities include clearing tables, refilling water glasses, and assisting in maintaining a tidy and organized event space. By relieving guests of used plates and utensils promptly,

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Sanitation Captains

Sanitation Captains

Sanitation captains ensure hygiene rules are followed, handle waste, and keep the event clean. They check restrooms, common areas, and food service spaces for cleanliness.

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Our Clients

We help individuals and businesses in Los Angeles, such as hosts, planners, hotels, and more. Whether you’re planning an event or need services, we’re here for you.

Types of Wait Staff

NYE Staffing takes pride in offering a range of skilled professionals for your event, including bartenders, catering servers, event captains, barbacks, party server, catering staff, model catering, banquet servers, bussers, and bar captains.

Building Your Team

Building a balanced team of wait staff for your LA event is vital for your event’s success. Here are straightforward tips to get ready for your big day:

  • Leadership is essential: Assign a captain for your servers and bartenders. This leader ensures smooth operations, handles issues promptly, and lets you enjoy your event worry-free. 
  • Food Service: For sit-down dinners, assign one server for every ten guests. For cocktail parties, consider having two food servers and one busser for every fifty guests during family-style dinners.
  • Bar Staffing: Optimal bar service is key. For a partial bar, have one event bartender for every 75 guests. If you’re planning a full bar experience, aim for one (1) bartender per (50) fifty guests.
Waiter for Hire
Event staffing professionals

Rates range from
$50/hr to $55/hr

Reach out to us for quality services at the most affordable rates. Contact us now for the best deals.

Waiters for Hire

NYE Staffing in LA provides staff for different events such as fancy dinners, private parties, weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings. We select our team thoughtfully, focusing on their skills, friendly attitude, and genuine commitment to delivering excellent service.

House Parties

Every weekend, we help at various house gatherings. Our team moves around with trays of tasty snacks, ensuring everyone is served with a smile and on time. This ensures a smooth and enjoyable party experience for all.

Our Advantages

At NYE Staffing, we’ve worked hard to become a top staffing agency. Here are some key perks we provide:

Online Casting

Choose the perfect staff for your event through our online casting option, featuring a photo presentation of available staff for your event date. Learn more about the photo casting process here.

High Hiring Standards

We stick to top standards when picking staff. From the many applications we get, only 7% make the cut.

Comprehensive Insurance:

Our staff is covered by our workers’ comp, liquor liability, general liability, and umbrella policies.

Dedicated Account

When you get in touch with us, you’ll be assigned a committed account representative. This representative will be your primary contact before, during, and after your event.


Choose from a range of uniforms, from casual to formal. We also make custom uniforms to suit your needs.

W-2 Wait Staff

NYE Staffing don’t hire on contract like other waitstaff companies in Los Angeles. Our wait staff are W-2 employees, expected to meet our high standards to stay with us.

Where is Your Next Event?

We’re your go to for wait staff in and around Los Angeles. Whether it’s Hollywood, Glendale, Inglewood, Azusa, Long Beach, or Pomona, we’ve got you covered. We provide event staffing services to diverse communities across LA County. Trust NYE Staffing for excellent service, making your special occasion stress-free and enjoyable.

How to Book Waitstaff in LA?

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Get in touch with us.

Ask for a quote through our website or give us a call at 929.405.67.03.

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Finalize your Los Angeles event details, pick the uniform, and make your wait staff selection.

Get offer from bartending agency in Los Angeles

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Complete Payment

Complete your payment and relish the exceptional service from our wait staff in LA.

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    FAQ Wait Staff

    1. Where do you provide wait staff services in Los Angeles?

    We serve Los Angeles and nearby communities in LA County

    2. What's the minimum hire duration for your services?

    Our minimum hire duration is 5 hours.

    3. What's your cancellation policy?

    You get a full refund if you cancel 3 business days before the event. Email cancellations to hello@nyeventsny.com with your invoice number.

    4. Can I cancel by phone?

    No, please email cancellations to hello@nyeventsny.com with your invoice number.

    5. What if the wait staff arrives late?

    Rare but if it happens, we’ll reimburse the missed working time. Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us for more questions or special requests!

    6. Can I change the event location on the invoice?

    The location on your invoice is where we provide services. For a different location, inform our office team beforehand.