The sand ceremony:
What is it and how to perform it?


The sand ceremony fuses the individualities of each one to compose a single whole, so the rite represents the union of the couple and the future to come. It is a refreshing air that gives civil weddings a new light.


Today symbolic ceremonies take on an interesting boom in nuptial unions. Couples tend to personalize their marriage, and civil weddings become a ceremony in themselves. In particular, this symbolic rite represents the eternal union of the new couple on the wedding day. It is a momentous moment that you will treasure forever. We tell you what this ceremony consists of.


The origin is linked to different cultures. On the one hand, the Hebrew and the so-called “covenant of salt”, an agreement that was used to seal friendships and contracts and that is mentioned in the Old Testament. In the East, the pact of salt meant guarantee and promise of fidelity. Another version associates it with the Hawaiian culture and the weddings that were celebrated on the beaches. The handfuls of sand symbolized union and eternal love.

When is it celebrated?

These ceremonies are intended for when deciding on a civil wedding only. The right time is after the exchange of alliances and votes. An officiant reads a text designed for the occasion and each of the bride and groom pours the sand into the container together, which they can do together or in turns.

What is needed

Ideally, you can have sand from your homeland, which gives it an even greater symbolism, but it also serves sand from a nearby beach or the one you can buy in decoration stores, already tinted with the chosen color. The glass bottles with the colored sands represent each of the members of the couple. During the ceremony, the sand is poured into another joint container to symbolize the union of the two people. The container can be a box with a heart-shaped window, an antique vase, a container from a trip, something with a special scope.

Wedding ceremony

The Meaning

The meaning lies in the contribution of each one in the relationship and how this is already impossible to separate. The sand in each bottle represents the individuality of each one and the grains, each moment of their lives, the feelings, the experiences and the great events that involve them. At that moment the two sands intermingle and form a single and inseparable whole that symbolizes the new life in common.


The way to give it a custom tint is to create your own wedding vows and recite them before pouring the sand into the container. You can also choose a special reading or poem, or a speech that can be read by someone who fulfills the role of master of ceremonies or officiant. Another idea is the participation of family and friends who can add their grains of sand to the container. When there are children, it is also a nice idea for them to join in the sand ceremony with their little bottles.


Instead of the common container, you can choose an hourglass, made of glass with a hermetic closure. They can keep it at home as a decorative element. What is special lies in the meaning of the passage of time associated with the life of the couple. In cases of disagreements or complex situations, the idea is to turn the metaphysical container of time so that the marital circumstances refresh or take another renewing path.

It is important to explain the symbolism of the ceremony so that everyone can understand the meaning and get involved in the act. This ceremony is also representative for the renewal of wedding vows or wedding anniversaries. Ready to customize your civilian?

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