In the vibrant landscape of New York City’s luxury hotels, where events unfold daily and each gathering seeks perfection, the role of reliable and skilled event staffing cannot be overstated.

NYE Staffing – October 15, 2023, 11:20 am

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This is where the invaluable partnership with a trusted event staffing agency comes into play. In this blog, we will explore the compelling reasons why hotels in NYC should consider forging such partnerships.

5 Reasons Hotels Should Hire Hospitality Staffing Agencies

1- Flexibility: An hospitality staffing agency allows you to quickly get the extra hands you need. You can avoid the hassle of hiring and managing permanent staff who may be underutilized during slower times. Instead, you can rely on the agency to provide staff when you need them, even for last-minute requests.

2 – Professional Staff: By partnering with a well-known hospitality staffing agency, you’ll have access to experienced and well-presented service professionals. They come with a polished and consistent appearance, ensuring your guests receive top-quality service.

3 – Insurance: Look for an agency that provides insured personnel. This extra layer of security is beneficial for your hotel and events. It’s also good to know that the agency employs its catering staff rather than hiring them as independent contractors.

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4 – Personalized Service: Having a dedicated point of contact, like an Account Executive, can make your life much easier. They get to know your venue and event specifics, allowing them to handle your requests quickly and efficiently.

5 – Long-Term Benefits: Building a lasting relationship with an event staffing agency has its advantages. You can enjoy custom rates, flexible terms, access to preferred staff, and more, depending on the agency you choose.

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NYE Staffing has been serving New York City’s boutique hotels for over eight years. Our clients include well-known names like Marriott Marquees, Javits Center, Andaz, 1 Hotel (Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan locations), Public Hotel, and more. Our servers, hostesses hostesses and bartenders for hire seamlessly fit into your team, offering high-end banquet service, a polished appearance, and punctuality. Contact us anytime, including for last-minute requests, to discuss your event needs or to get to know us better. We’re here to ensure your hotel is always prepared for busy seasons.


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