Because we are all about 

doing the right thing.

Because we are all about

doing the right thing

Our Core Values

NYE is a Premier Event Staffing Agency aimed at making your event successful. We’ve hired the best in the industry,  giving you the opportunity to book our professional  to serve as bartending, servers, hostess, event planners staff for your upcoming event. The following core values are the heart and soul of our agency, and it’s our goal that you see these values reflected through every interaction you have with us: 

Customers first– We love you, that’s why this is our #1 core value. Every decision we make is based on how well it serves our customers. 

Highly accountable– by measuring ourselves against the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and professionalism in the industry.  

Deliver premium quality– Premium quality is our standard in every aspect of the company, from the food to the service.  

Be Adaptable– We provide an environment to empower our employees to be adaptable to any situation and be able to work through any complications.  

Continuously improve– by always viewing the business as a work in progress, to intensely focus us on how we can operate more effectively and improve our service. 

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