Event Staff Job

We are seeking friendly, dependable, and talented event staff for our NYC team. Join us and help fulfill our company’s goals. As part of our NYE Staffing crew, you’ll work at fancy banquets, meet celebrities at popular cocktail events, and enjoy stunning rooftop views while pursuing your creative dreams.


  •  Must be a US citizen, permanent resident, or have valid work authorization and SSN card
  • Being able to follow directions, respond proactively and work well as a team
  •  Commitment to delivering personal best every time.
  • Able to lift and carry up to 45 lbs.

A day as an Event Staffer

Work when you want

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You decide when, where, and how much you work You can even plan your availability based on specific events, locations, and timings that align with your preferences.

Set your own course

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Choose whether or not to accept high-end events, find gigs near you, and earn more instantly by improving your reviews and completing our training to increase your own personal rate.

Start earning quickly

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Sign up in minutes and start earning within days. Once your application and interview is approved, you can start staffing events right away and cash out instantly.


We know you’re eager to dive headfirst into your job search, but before you do, take a moment to focus on yourself – it’s a step that’s often overlooked, but can make all the difference!


If we hire you based not only on your skills, but also on your enduring passions, unique experiences, and diverse perspectives, we won’t just get a skilled employee, we’ll get a valued member of the NYE Staffing team 

Job searching

Taking a moment to focus on your own goals and priorities will allow you to make an informed decision about whether NYE Staffing is the right fit for you. Learn more about our company and what it’s like to work with us by exploring our website.


We want you to focus on the jobs that delight you and that you match as opposed to submitting dozens of applications (it’s tempting, but it doesn’t work well — trust us). Quality, not quantity, is the way to go.

Not getting a role can often be a matter of timing, rather than a reflection of your skills or qualifications. If things don’t work out with your first application, don’t let that stop you from applying to other roles in the future.


If a NYE Staffing team member believes you might be a match for a job you’ve applied for, you’ll enter our hiring process.

Before starting your interview at our office, you will watch a brief video and we will assess your knowledge.

Decision & offer

After your interviews are done, we’ll bring everything together from your application and interviews and review it.

Team Building Activities

Paint & Sip 2023

Our NYE team had a blast during an afternoon of creativity, competing for prizes of $200, $100, and $50 for the best paintings. Pizza, wine, and a break from the daily grind elevated our spirits in a healthy way. A memorable experience for all!

Picnic 2022

With new members on our team, we had an amazing day full of games, competitions, prices and a picnic. Allowing our team to get to know each other on a more personal level, while having fun.

Team Building 2022

The connection through these type of activities make you feel part of a team that is willing to work together and come up with strategies to solve any situation and make our client’s event a success.

Spa day 2021

NYE provided our hard-working staff with a complementary pass to Sojo Spa to relax and enjoy themselves outside of work.

Team building 2019

We believe that any job needs people who are really passionate with what they are doing. As a company, NYE provides their employees opportunities to build team skills.

Benefits of Being an NYE Staffer

Below is a list of some of the top benefits of our company and why we stand out from the rest!

Great Wages

You can see in our app system list of upcoming event dates in which you can select which ones you want to work depending on your availability.

Flexible Schedule

You can see an online list of upcoming event dates in which you can select which ones you want to work depending on your availability.

We Reward You With Fun

Every summer and December we host employee appreciation events, where you can have a great time and relax while getting to know some of your fellow NYE Staffer teammates.

Valuable Work Experience

We are considered among the best event staffing agencies in the industry. Create excellent job experience and work references as well as lifelong friends, when you join our agency.

NYE Clients

Our clients are notable in name and reputation. Have a great time and enjoy working high-end events at incredible venues for our clients such as Chanel, IBM, Radio City, Marriot Marquis Hotel, Cipriani, Javis Center and many more.

Our Vision

To make the best event services on earth and to leave a positive, memorable impact on our clients event days.

Our Mission

To provide our clients the best experience through our highly talented & trained staff, delivering professional service before, during and after their event.

If you have the aforementioned qualities and want to be part of our event staffing team, please fill out our application and we will contact you.

Get your Uniform Here

Because everyone’s gear preferences are unique, we offer an online store where you can find the exact gear and equipment you desire. Additionally, you can conveniently check the event’s uniform requirements using the link in the app. If you find you’re missing a necessary item and wish to take that shift, simply order the item online before your event day.



Hello! I’m Elizabeth from NYE Staffing. If you have at least 2 years of event experience and value professionalism, you’re in the right place! Contact me to join our talented team. Let’s talk soon and build an exciting future in events together!

Team Leader Report
Submit your notes from your last event and tell us how we did. Complete Form

Admission Test

Employee Self – Evaluation Please use this Evaluation after your interview: Evaluation form

Banquet Server

Taxes and earnings verification for NYE- Staffing

NYE does not withhold taxes from contractor earnings. We’ll mail your tax documents annually to the address in your W9 profile, so please review and update your mailing address by January 1 each year. Please consult a tax professional for all tax-related questions—NYE Event cannot provide assistance or guidance on tax preparation.

Tax documents—United States

If you have earned more than $600 during the previous calendar year, NYE will mail your tax documents by the first week of February to the address in your W9 profile you had filled in our office space.  For guidance and information about United States taxes, visit the Help & Resources section of irs.gov.

Promotional Modeling in NYC
Brand Ambassador
Mixologist for event
Event Bartender
Model Bartender
Event Server
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