On Account

Many private party planners want packages that allow them to lower the high costs of hosting an event. Due to this, NYE has the flexibility of prices for those who recurrently use our services. This allows us to create a closer relationship between the clients and us and, in turn, frequent clients (CF) have cheaper prices for subsequent events or private parties.


Employed and Insured Staff
All our staff are W-2 employees and are fully insured by NYE Event Staffing, which means that, in case of an incident, we take full responsibility for all of our staff.

At NYE, we know that being the best means continuing to grow. We carefully evaluate all hires to provide training as needed. We provide fine dining training, bartending training, floor management training and captains staff are prepared after have all those certificate, so they will be ready to provide top notch service.

On Account Options
Our on account options are available for clients who are looking to build a long-term relationship with vendors. Benefits of being on account include custom rates, terms, preferred staff and many more!

Uniform Options
We provide a great variety of standard uniforms for hospitality staff. You can choose from our offerings or choose a custom uniform.

To apply for being on account, you will need:

Business or ID identification 

Last 3 Invoice numbers

Be ready to enjoy your discount


When you hire our service for second time, whether a bartenderservices of wait staff for hire  or chocolate fountain rental you can become a member and obtain the preferential discount percentage for CF.

Become on Account

1. Have a phone call with us

2. You will get a custom price

According your needs

3. Book your event.

Sit back, enjoy your event and relax

FAQ About Wait Staff

 We are prepared and  equipped with all the required safety measures. We will ensure our staff wear protective face masks that cover mouth and nose, medical gloves and sanitizer.  

Simple, you can hire waitresses for an event either by phone or by completing the form on our website or you can always email us at hello@nyeventsny.com 

Our waitstaff can perform many different tasks, such as; assemble everything prior to the event, breakdown at the end of the event, food and drink service during the event, clearing tables, serve buffet stations. Have other needs? Let one of our executive representatives know and they will be sure you are taken care of. 

You can pay by check (payable to NY Events NY, LLC.), cash, debit/credit card, or bank transfer. 

Our clients always have the best experience with our services because we hand select each of them and we understand the importance of experienced staff.  We highly suggest hiring one of our captains, who directs the waiters for a flawless event. Otherwise, it is up to you to direct the waitstaff throughout the event.  

To ensure timely arrival, our staff use the subway to get to the event and that cost is included in the overall price. If the location of the event is not accessible by the subway (CT, NJ, Westchester) we will arrange transportation for a minimal additional fee. 

We do not currently offer video casting for the staff, but we can send you a presentation with videos and photos of our waitstaff and/or models that we have available for your event. 

Yes, we can prepare a photo presentation of the available wait staff for your event. From there you will have two options; if one of our staff do not meet your needs, you can work with the event captain to get someone who does, or  you can contact your executive representative directly, they will be attentive to your event at all times and be able to assist you with getting the wait staff you prefer. 

All our staff is highly qualified, the particular selection of the waiter you want for your event has a small additional fee. 

You will be provided with the contact number of the event captain one day before your event, in case you need it. 

Yes, contact us with as much information as possible and we will be happy to accommodate any last-minute requests. 

Only if your event is more than 5 hours by law, they should be granted a rest time. You are not expected to provide them with a meal, however we leave the decision up to you. We always recommend it for a recharge of energy for continued top level service

We go to great lengths to ensure that this never happens, but in the rare event that it does occur, we will compensate you by reimbursing you or crediting you for the time lost.  

We have experienced staff who are knowledgeable and will be sure to follow the protocols required for these events. 

We have two standard uniforms for waiters and three standard uniforms for waitressesPlease be sure to click here, to check out our options. If you need a particular uniform for your event, talk to your executive representative and they will assist you

We are able to provide you with service personnel the same day, but we recommend booking at least 10 days in advance to be sure we can provide you with the best options for your event. 

Other companies will give you a standard number, but the truth is that every event is unique and has a different set of needs. Let us do the work for you! We suggest contacting on of our executive representatives or emailing us with all the details of your event. We will be able to calculate the appropriate number of waiters to ensure a top notch event. 

Our invoices do not include gratuity for the wait staff. However, with any service we suggest a gratuity. To keep it simple, you could also arrange it in advance through one of our executive representatives.