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Bartender for hire in NYC

We’re here to make your event special with our friendly and skilled bartenders. Whether it’s a small get together or a big party, we’ve got you covered. Our staffing team is all about professionalism, making sure your occasion is memorable. Let’s toast to creating great experiences in the heart of New York City!

We have a wide range of talented:  bartenders,  servers, hostess and other hospitality staff to take care of your Christmas and Holiday event needs. Whether you just started the planning process or it’s a last minute request, give us a call as soon as you have selected a date.

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Bartender for events

We can assist with setting up the bar stations. Each bartender can accommodate up to 50 guests. If you need to serve a large number of guests in a short period of time, it may be necessary to hire more than one.

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Bartending services for party


Our mixologists also can improvise with your bar stock to create more complex drinks based on your preference.  We can accommodate small and larger events for your upcoming event or party.

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For house party

Eliminate the stress of planning and managing the bar at your next private event by hiring a professional bartender. Add a unique touch of entertainment and ensure guest satisfaction.

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Enhance your special day with professional mixologist and waiters. We offer tailor-made services including signature cocktails, so your day will be remembered for years to come.

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Event Bartenders in NY

NYE Staffing provides Bartenders in NY for a diverse range of events, including executive dining, private parties, weddings, birthdays, and corporate events. Our bartenders are thoughtfully selected based on qualifications, personality, and genuine passion for delivering great service.

House Parties

Each weekend, we lend a hand at various house gatherings. Our team create drinks ensuring friendly and prompt service to keep all guests content and the party running seamlessly.

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We focus on excellence by training our staff thoroughly before any event. Our commitment to preparation ensures our team is well-prepared, skilled, and ready to deliver exceptional service.


No one notices these workers, unless they’re not there. Barbacks are crucial in helping to ensure a clean bar, prepping and restocking the glassware and bar area for service


Our catering staffing are all experienced in hospitality and offer a warm personality on top of reliable service, making them approachable and easy to relate with.

Bartending Services

We’re dedicated to creating lasting memories at your event. Our skilled bartenders ensure your guests are happy, making the whole experience smooth and stress-free.

Welcoming smiles

We take pleasure in serving others. Expect a real smile and a warm welcome from us every time we interact.

Inclusive service

We greet everyone with open arms, ensuring top notch bartending service and respect from start to finish.

Flexible service

We understand that you may have special requests. Trust us to comprehend your needs and remain flexible whenever possible.

Polite and prompt

We treat your needs with courtesy, maintain professional relationships, and listen to your feedback for ongoing improvement.

We provide top-notch bartender for hire in NYC and catering staff. This ensures you get a team of dedicated, attentive, and professional event staff at an affordable cost. Plus, we’re adaptable to your needs.



Off-Premise Catering


Country Clubs

Government Agencies 

Mixologist for hire

Where is Your Next Event?

Get a quote today and experience stress-free events with our talented bartending services, available in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Westchester. Get a quote today and let us bring our top-notch service to your celebration. You deserve a hassle-free event!

Worried About…

Being short on staff?
Staff not showing up?
Staff lacking training?

Then contact us so you don’t deal with it anymore

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FULLY INSURED: So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

RELIABLE STAFF: Our bartenders are reliable, friendly and professional. We have processes in place, so you don’t have to be worried about being short staffed at the last minute.

KNOWLEDGE: To make sure all our hired bartenders have the know-how, we subject them to a tough test where they must showcase real bartender skills.

Stock your Bar

When it comes to planning the bar, we need to know how much stock is needed. This includes: liquor, wine/beer, glasses, mixers, and much more. This is often stressful, which is why we came up with a free guide to help ease your bar planning process


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Our hired bartenders are fully insured with workers’ compensation, so you can enjoy the party without worrying about a thing.


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A One-Day Beer and Wine Permit, authorizes consumption at a gathering for a period of 24 hours. We can handle it for you.


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Which means that you don’t have to worry about covering our employees if there is an incident, so we have you cover.


Hello, I’m Aria, the Client Coordinator at NYE Staffing. Want to elevate your event? Reach out today and wave goodbye to last-minute roster changes and health concerns. Welcome stress-free events with our reliable bartender for hire in NYC.

How to Book Bartender?

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Get in touch with us.

Request an estimate by filling out the form below or contact us at 929.405.67.03.

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Check Your Email

In less than 24 hours, you should receive your quote. If you submitted your request during the weekend, it will arrive on Monday.

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Secure Your Booking

After approving the estimate, you will receive a secure payment link to reserve and enjoy our bartenders.

FAQ Bartender

Our bartenders can provide a range of services, including creating customized cocktail menus, preparing and serving drinks, setting up and organizing the bar area, also they come fully equipped to your event with tools like cocktail shakers, wine openers, bar spoons, strainers, and spirit pourers.

The number of bartenders required varies based on guest count, drink menu complexity, and event duration. Typically, plan for one bartender per 50-65 guests. For personalized advice, consult our NYE representative.

Yes. Our team can facilitate the application process on your behalf with the New York State authorities. Note that this service incurs an additional fee. Please book our services at least 24 days before your event to comply with New York State’s permit submission timeframe.

Absolutely, please let us know promptly if your event requires a COI, allowing us enough time to process it.

Yes, our bartenders can assist with setting up the bar area, including arranging glassware and drink stations. After the event, we can help with cleaning up the bar area, disposing of empty bottles, and ensuring everything is left in good order.

Yes, if you are having full cocktail service at your event, your mixologist will bring along their tool kit which includes a cocktail shaker, measuring tools, bar spoons, drink strainers, and bottle opener.

Yes, all our bartenders and mixologists are TIP Certified and licensed to pour.

While we don’t provide liquor beer or wine for events, our client coordinators would be happy to assist you in figuring out how much may need to be purchased based on your guest count

While we don’t directly provide them, we offer bar rental if needed. For mixers, napkins, and other supplies, you can easily obtain them online through our website. Check out our dedicated page bar supplies to find economical options for all your bar needs. Additionally, if required, we can include garnishes in your invoice.

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