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Registration Staff

Hire Registration Staff

Registration Staff

Important large event coming up? Consider a few important factors in order to maintain efficiency during your registration process. How many attendees do you expect? Where will registration take place? How many registrars will you need?  This is where NYE Event Staffing comes in!

Trade show staffing

Hiring Local Registration Staff

Introduce guests to your brand, create relationships, and convert prospects into buyers. Work with staffing who truly understand our client goals and objectives is our responsibility.

Event Staff

Registration Staffing for hire

With our database of more than 450 talented individuals  we can provide professional event staff that is  friendly, and fully committed to achieving client goals.

Responsibilities Include

1.  Notifying guests of any important information related to the event

2. Distribute attendee name tags, badges and gifts

3. Efficiently collect attendee contact & pertinent information

4. Encourage guests to share their experience at the event with others (social media, attendee surveys, etc.)

5. Validate attendee identification & Covid protocol

6. Educate guests on event start time, agenda or other important details

7. Proactively assist guests to find important event areas, coat checks, restrooms, parking and elevators

8. Thank guests for their attendance and support of the event

Tablet rental

Tablets for Guest Registration

Need tablets for a seamless registration? We’ve got you covered! We not only provide the staffing, but we can provide tablets for your big event in order to seamlessly check-in your guests and make sure they have all the proper details related to your event

Customer Service Vision

NYE Event Staffing will make your event one that you can remember. When you turn to us, you turn to highly trained & talented professionals who will make sure your event is not only perfect every time, but it was a simple process to make it perfect.

How to Book?

1. Tell us about your event

Request a quote on our website or give us 

a call 929.405.6703

2. Check your email.

Make a payment to confirm registration staff

3. Host the party of your dream

Sit back, relax & enjoy

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    FAQ Hiring Promotional Model

    We do not grant the personal phones of our models for security reasons but if you have any concerns you can always contact your account executive, she clarifies any doubt.

    You will have a personal extra to help you with your brand or store, in your indoor or outdoor events, they know how to represent your company in a friendly and positive way so that your brand interacts emotionally with customers, they will also distribute any promotional material given For you, they will interact with customers and tell them about your brand or product.

    You can tell our account manager the criteria you would like and your needs and we will choose the staff for you or the other option is that we can hold an online casting of the available brand ambassadors and you choose the most convenient one for you.

    Generally this does not happen, but if it does you can talk to the team leader or you can call your account executive directly

    our promo models can provide jeans with a white or black T-shirt (or you can provide a branded shirt for them). But you can customize their uniform, we provide the sizes of each one in case you want to give them your brand.

    You can contact your account executive again and if the model is available for that day, we will be happy to reserve it for you.