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With us, you’re never stuck having to fill a spot no matter what comes up. Even if you’ve had another event staffing agency let you down last minute, we are here to help you.  

Wait Staff For Hire

Hiring service staff can be very complicated most of the time. After all, most staffing agencies, you never know exactly who they hire until they show up, if they show up at all. With NY Events NY, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the staff you hire is reliable, because in addition to carefully examining all the members of our team, we take care of the logistics of the transfer, guaranteeing the presence of our staff at your event on time. . If there is a problem, our staff contact us, so you are never left with the smallest details. NY Events NY has been supporting New York City events since 2018 and, in just that time, we have earned our reputation as a high-end staffing agency with specialties in catering staff and fine culinary arts and personal. of banquet servers.

Building your team

A complete team is undoubtedly the key to the success of your event. Here are just a few tips to make sure you’re covered for your big day:
Start with leadership. We always recommend having a Captain, or leader, for our team of servers and bartenders. This is the foundation of an organized team where the captain makes sure that everything works and runs smoothly and can also solve problems as they arise so that you do not have to worry about anything at all. It goes without saying that our captains are professionally trained and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure your event runs the way it should.

Staff for the bar. In this case, we recommend one bartender for every 70 guests for a partial bar. If you are planning a full bar, we recommend a bartender for fifty guests.

Staff to serve food. When calculating the number of party servers to hire, we recommend having one server for every ten (10) guests for a dinner party. Otherwise if you are planning a cocktail party, we recommend two servers and one assistant for every fifty guests.


The servers are truly the foundation of a flawless event. Essentially, their job is to strike a balance between catering to the needs of your guests and, at the same time, making a warm and professional impression. Throughout the event, our servers take care of tasks such as event setup, event breakdown, offering drinks and hors d’oeuvres to guests so they always feel happy, taking dinner orders, serving food, among other things that you consider necessary for your event. We have eliminated the uncertainty of hiring servers for your event. Our highly skilled bartenders are selected directly by CFO Amanda Goodwin to meet your needs for cocktail servers, dinner servers, wedding servers, and more. For clients who prefer the option of selecting their staff, we also offer waitresses and model waiters. Our process is simple through video that shows the photos of the candidates available for the day of your event.


Bussers are trained to work well in a fast-paced environment and keep up with things during the event at the busiest times of the event. The Busser helps keep your event clean and tidy throughout the event, they take care of removing glassware, removing debris, cleaning dishes, getting rid of trash and helping with the closing of the event

Captains of sanitation

Our Captains of sanitation has one of the key roles. And it is the important part that nobody sees but keeps everything recorded. The sanitation captain leads the rents checking at the beginning and then at the end of the event, his responsibility is to organize them and account for the glass at the beginning and end of the event. They are also responsible for setting up the sanitation area for glassware, china and cutlery.


Our bartenders are the perfect combination of friendly and sophisticated touch. Our bartending team are professionals each with a minimum of more than 6 years of experience. The event waiters are available to be hired and available to work with the best good energy in your event. Book a bartender for your event and wow your guests with dreamy cocktails served with a charming smile.

Event Captains

Without any doubt, event captains are in charge of a successful event. And this is because they maintain the order of the staff, direct, coordinate and distribute the functions in the best way to the staff at the beginning, during and at the end of the event. This is why we recommend using one of our event captains so that everything flows smoothly like a symphony orchestra. The captain coordinates the staff setup based on the floor plan and acts as the event organizer or host.

Coat Check Attendants

The reception is the first impression of the event and an attentive and smiling staff receiving your coat to store and organize it is a feeling of good expectation for the guests to feel welcome. The coat assistants take care of the organization in the check-in area and their return at the end of the event.

Types of Wait staff for Hire. At Ny Events NY Staffing we are proud to employ a variety of talented staff including bartenders, catering servers, event captains, barbacks, party waiters, catering staff, model catering, banquet servers, bussers, and bar captains.

Types of Events. We are happy to provide friendly and reliable service for any type of event. We are here to help make your ideas and dreams a reality. Some of our past events include: grand openings, banquets, weddings, corporate and media events, product launches, fundraisers, cocktails, baby showers, anniversaries and promotional events.

Our Clients. We work with a variety of private and corporate clients, including catering services, event venues, corporate meetings, family reunions, media groups, public relations agencies, event planning agencies, restaurants, fashion houses, and hotels. One of the most important things that makes us proud is that we train our staff to be adaptable and happy to work wherever you have your event.

How to Book with us?

Request a quote on our website or give us a call

According to the package you choose, your personal account executive will send you a quote and a presentation with photos, sizes and previous experience of available staff (only for Select and Custom packages).

Confirm your event details, select the uniform and make your staff selections (only for Select and Custom package).

Make a payment to confirm the booking. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful work of our staff.

Online Casting

This option allows you to select the perfect staff that best suits your event. We present a photographic selection of the staff available for the date of your event. Click here for more information on the photo and video streaming process. 

Account Executive

At the moment you communicate, a person will assign you an executive representative who will attend you with dedication and will be the contact person and your personal assistant before, during and after your event. 


FAQ About Wait Staff 

 We are prepared and  equipped with all the required safety measures. We will ensure our staff wear protective face masks that cover mouth and nose, medical gloves and sanitizer.  

Simple, you can hire servers for an event either by phone or by completing the form on our website or you can always email us at hello@nyeventsny.com 

Our waitstaff can perform many different tasks, such as; assemble everything prior to the event, breakdown at the end of the event, food and drink service during the event, clearing tables, serve buffet stations. Have other needs? Let one of our executive representatives know and they will be sure you are taken care of. 

You can pay by check (payable to NY Events NY, LLC.), cash, debit/credit card, or bank transfer. 

Our clients always have the best experience with our services because we hand select each of them and we understand the importance of experienced staff.  We highly suggest hiring one of our captains, who directs the waiters for a flawless event. Otherwise, it is up to you to direct the waitstaff throughout the event.  

To ensure timely arrival, our staff use the subway to get to the event and that cost is included in the overall price. If the location of the event is not accessible by the subway (CT, NJ, Westchester) we will arrange transportation for a minimal additional fee. 

We do not currently offer video casting for the staff, but we can send you a presentation with videos and photos of our waitstaff and/or models that we have available for your event. 

Yes, we can prepare a photo presentation of the available wait staff for your event. From there you will have two options; if one of our staff do not meet your needs, you can work with the event captain to get someone who does, or  you can contact your executive representative directly, they will be attentive to your event at all times and be able to assist you with getting the wait staff you prefer. 

All our staff is highly qualified, the particular selection of the waiter you want for your event has a small additional fee. 

You will be provided with the contact number of the event captain one day before your event, in case you need it. 

Yes, contact us with as much information as possible and we will be happy to accommodate any last-minute requests. 

Only if your event is more than 5 hours by law, they should be granted a rest time. You are not expected to provide them with a meal, however we leave the decision up to you. We always recommend it for a recharge of energy for continued top level service

We go to great lengths to ensure that this never happens, but in the rare event that it does occur, we will compensate you by reimbursing you or crediting you for the time lost.  

We have experienced staff who are knowledgeable and will be sure to follow the protocols required for these events. 

We have two standard uniforms for waiters and three standard uniforms for waitressesPlease be sure to click here, to check out our options. If you need a particular uniform for your event, talk to your executive representative and they will assist you

We are able to provide you with service personnel the same day, but we recommend booking at least 10 days in advance to be sure we can provide you with the best options for your event. 

Other companies will give you a standard number, but the truth is that every event is unique and has a different set of needs. Let us do the work for you! We suggest contacting on of our executive representatives or emailing us with all the details of your event. We will be able to calculate the appropriate number of waiters to ensure a top notch event. 

Our invoices do not include gratuity for the wait staff. However, with any service we suggest a gratuity. To keep it simple, you could also arrange it in advance through one of our executive representatives. 


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