Wait Staff Uniforms

With just one click, find the ideal wait staff uniforms for your big work event. No more searching stress; we’ve made it easy for you. Remember, these uniforms are a must, so keep your receipt for the next event.

Woman Section

Woman Gala Uniform

Women’s Black Dress

Woman Black Bistro

Button Down Shirts for Women

 Women Dress Pants.

White Black Bistro

Button Down Shirt Women.

Black Pants for Women 

Woman Classic Summer

Women’s Straight Jean

Women’s Polo Shirt

Woman Accesories

Women’s Black Belt

Woman Black Tie 

Black Woman’s Shoes

Black Apron 

Black Woman’s Socks


Man Section

Man Black Bistro

Men’s Dress Black Shirts 

Men’s Black Pants

Man White Bistro

White Button-Down Shirt

Men’s  Work Pant

Uniform Man Gala

Red Tie


Men’s Suit Vest

Man Accesories

Men’s Resistant Work Shoe 

Country-Side Apron Unisex

Man Classic Summer

Levi’s Men’s 

Men’s Polo Shirts 

Bartender Accessories

Smoking Gun for Drinks

Bartender Told Kit

Wine Bottle Corkscrew


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