How to serve properly at buffet as a server.

Details that are important to know before going to an event to work as a event wait staff seems that you will simply put food on the plates and the work is done that simple, nope! You will need to know a little more about some details to do the job well done.

Everything you should know about setup a Buffet

When the event staffing company required you to work in an event where they will serve buffet depending on the number of chafing dishes, remember that you must prepare the chafing dishes and every 3 chafing dishes will take you around 25 minutes to prepare them.

Setting up Chafing Dishes

Begin by moving the racks to the area where the food service will take place for the entire event. Next, place the chafing dishes in the corresponding slots on the racks. Then, position the sterno safe heat sources in their designated spots. These will last for approximately four hours.

Next, place the water pan onto the rack and fill it with three-quarters of hot water, using a stainless steel container. Once this step is complete, turn on the sterno fuel. Now, you can put the hot food into the food pan, which will then be placed into the water pan. Finally, place the lid on the chafing dish.

It’s important to keep in mind that we must turn on the sterno 25 minutes before dinner time to ensure that the food is warm when guests start approaching the buffet.

What to do after setup the buffet station

  1. Before the guests arrive, find out the menu that will be served. You don’t want to look foolish when they ask what kind of food you are serving.

  2. Place the dishes coherently from one end of the table to the other. For example, if you start from the left, begin with the lighter dishes such as salad, followed by carbohydrates, and then proteins.

  3. Place the plates at the ends of both sides of the buffet tables to make it easier for guests to serve themselves and avoid long queues.

  4. Avoid initiating conversations with the guests. Just limit yourself to answering the questions they ask. Remember, there may be a line of guests waiting behind you.

  5. Serve quickly and efficiently. The estimated time that the chafing dishes will keep the food warm is between 3-4 hours.

  6. Each time you leave the buffet station, make sure to cover the chafing dishes.

Note: Remember, servers for party who works in the event industry has a broader skill set than a waiter who works solely in a restaurant. This is because restaurants typically offer the same style of service repeatedly, whereas event servers have the opportunity to learn and adapt to various service styles. As a result, event servers can develop their skills in areas such as fine dining, banquet-style service, and bar service, among others. Their exposure to diverse service styles allows them to handle different types of events and clientele.