Tips for finding the perfect brand ambassadors for your business

A brand ambassador is someone who is compensated to promote and embody a brand they are endorsing. They are extensively trained on the brand’s products, services, mission, and values to become knowledgeable experts. 

NYE Staffing Feb 23, 2023, 11:14 AM

Tips for finding the perfect brand ambassadors for your business

. They enthusiastically promote your product or service in the long or short term, often through social media marketing, onsite showing your products or services on trade shows, conferences,  and event-based promotions. 

They represent your brand and share why they love it online and offline, building relationships with prospective customers and sharing authentic experiences with your brand.

Ambassador partnerships are typically long-term and highly sought after. While the terms “influencer” and “brand ambassador” are often used interchangeably, it’s crucial to select corporate ambassador who genuinely support the brand and can effectively represent its values.

The key to getting more people to purchase from your brand is by gaining their trust. According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, brand trust is the second most important factor in purchasing decisions at 53%, just behind price at 64%.

People highly trust what their peers have to say about a brand, so brand ambassadors are a great way to build credibility and trust among new audiences.

To find brand ambassadors, you can look for individuals who align with your core values and can promote your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience. There are several different methods to find brand ambassadors, including social media searches, referral programs, and partnerships with influencers or bloggers.

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How to find Brand Ambassador

To find promotional staff, start by creating an application form that outlines the program and gives potential ambassadors something tangible to promote. By having an application form, brands can endorse their program and make it accessible for people to apply.

This also helps in managing ambassadors and keeping track of their details. Brands can use Google Sheets or platforms like Roster to collect and organize the information from the application forms.

You can also post your application forms on your website for automation and scalability. When creating an application form, make sure to ask for important details such as: name, email, phone number, address, & social profiles.

8 tips on finding brand ambassadors

  • Utilize Your Website: Make sure your brand ambassador application is easy to find on your website. You can add a “Become an Ambassador” or “Join our Ambassador Team” link to your website footer and blog posts, as well as on your Contact and About pages.
  • Customer Email: Your current and past customers are your best source for brand ambassador for hire. Send an email thanking them for their purchase and inviting them to join your program. You can also include a discount code for your products and other incentives.
  • Post-Purchase Emails: Include an ambassador invitation in your post-purchase emails to customers. This works best when sent 2-14 days after their purchase, while they’re still excited about your product.
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  • Banner or Module in Every Email: Create an evergreen banner or module for your email templates that promotes your ambassador program.
  • Social Media Announcement: Leverage your social media following by announcing your program and application page. Create eye-catching graphics and promote your program on all your social media platforms.
  • Post-Purchase Insert: Include a physical insert in your product packages that promotes your ambassador program and provides an easy way for customers to apply.
  • Feature Ambassadors on Instagram: Use Instagram story highlights to showcase your ambassadors and their content. This creates visibility and shows potential ambassadors what they can expect from the program.
  •  Newsletters: are an excellent way to reach out to customers who already follow your brand’s updates. Make sure to dedicate some space in your newsletter to promote the program and include a link for interested readers to apply. Once the program is launched, you can also include a link in the footer of your newsletter for future readers to easily access. Here’s an example of a newsletter that promotes the program and includes a link to apply.