by Stephanie Rusoll

How to serve properly at buffet as a server.

Details that are important to know before going to an event to work as a event wait staff seems that you will simply put food on the plates and the work is done that simple, nope! You will need to know a little more about some details to do the job well done.
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Everything you should know about setup a Buffet

When the event staff company required you to work in an event where they will serve buffet depending on the amount of chafing dishes, remember that you must prepare the chafing dishes and every 3 chafing dishes will take you around 25 minutes to prepare them.

Setting up Chafing Dishes

Move the racks where the service will take place throughout the event. Take the chafing holders and put them in the holes of the racks. 

Next step, place the sterno safe heat in their corresponding places. (They last about 4 hours on). Place the water pan on the rack and fill it with 3/4 of the hot water using a stainl steel. Once you have reached this step, you can turn on the sterno fuel. Now we can put the hot food inside the food pan, once this is done the food pan now goes into the water pan. Place the lit on. Remember your guests will be arriving in 25 minutes. And are you ready to start

What to do after setup the buffet station

  1. Find out before the guests arrive the menu that is being served, you do not want to look like a fool when they ask you what kind of food you are serving.
  2. Place coherently the distribution of the dishes from one end to the other, for example if you start from left to right you can start with the less strong dishes such as salad, then carbohydrates follow and then proteins.
  3. Place the plates at the ends of both sides of the buffet tables for ease of the guests and avoid intense queues.
  4. Avoid starting a conversation with the guests, just limit yourself to answering the questions they ask you, remember that there is a line of guests waiting behind you.
  5. Serve quickly and with agility, the estimated chafing dish that you will use will be between 3-4 approximately.
  6. Every time you leave the buffet station, you must cover the chafing dishes.

Note: Remember, servers for party  have additional skills that if you work them, you can grow into the event industry.


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