Questionnaire for large events

In order for our team to provide optimal service, please fill out this event planning questionnaire, so we can calculate the proper time and staff needed to assist you with your needs. Note staffing estimates are based off experience.





    1. Does your event have set-up needs? (please check all that apply, also please note our team does not help with event decorating outside of table settings)


    2. If you selected yes to any above item, please list the number of each item below:

    3.If you are requiring setup, will there be venue staff to also assist with set-up/break-down, or are you relying solely on our team?


    4. Please provide a rough timeline for your event, we realize this is flexible and may change:

    5. Will there be other staff provided by the venue to assist with the bar, serving, plating in the kitchen? Y/N


    If yes, please list the # of staff the venue will be providing in each area.

    6. Will you need our staff to do any food prep work other than plating from a buffet, this would include plating appetizers for a cocktail hour/tray passing, plating food to be served at a sit down meal, etc.


    7. Will you need any dishwashing to quickly replenish dishes/glassware for your event? This is typically needed for larger events or multi-course events to ensure there is enough dishes, from our experience you do not need to return rented service ware washed, just scraped & stacked back in the containers they came in.


    8.Does your event have break-down needs? (please check all that apply)

    TabletsChairsFlatwareBar areaChaffing DishesKitchen area

    9. Are there any other pertinent details for your event that will directly effect the staff that we should be aware of?

    **Please note our team does not wash dishes for an event unless dishwashing service is requested for an additional fee. They also are not responsible for cleaning the kitchen/serving area before or after an event unless kitchen helper staff are reserved or they are directly responsible for the mess. They do not sweep, mop or vacuum. They will assist with the removal of event trash only. If staff are asked to complete any of the following tasks, you will be charged a $150 additional fee.