Calculating Number of servers for a Buffet


You must take certain measures and take care of various factors for a buffet to be served successfully at an event.

How many Staff do I need for a Buffet?

The number of guests is always taken into account as a base to determine the number of waiters that will be needed for a buffet. However, to come up with a number of staff in an easier way, use this formula: 1 server for every 4 chafing dishes.

Let’s say there’re 100 guests, we can determine even with a different  number guests, for instance: for 100 guest, we know that each chafing dish represents 25 people, so for 75 guest we will need 1 waiter for every 3 chafing dishes.

Benefits of a Buffet

All the food that will be available must be presented in the buffet, generally a minimum of eight dishes is styled. It is placed either on rectangular tables if they are to be served by waiters or, imperial type if the guests will be the ones who have the food. Great care must be taken to have the necessary tables according to the number of guests to avoid long lines in one. The knife is prohibited because everything must be able to be served with a spoon and fork.

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