Serving at Event vs. Restaurant

Is there differences serving at event vs restaurant? Are there really differences when it comes to having certain skills to serve a table either at events or in restaurants? Well, the truth is that there are differences and specific additional skills are required to attend an event.

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Rules at the Event

Although it is true, to be a waiter at an event you need the experience of having worked in a restaurant, but you need a small second training to make a better execution in the events.

When working in restaurants, the waiter follows the style of serving and the specific policies of that particular restaurant and the focus on customer service is according to how that restaurant establish and train their waitstaff (monotonous)

The event the server will need to know the different between catering service styles of serving in order to provide the exact task is required for that specific event.

Food Policy

If th client offers food for the staff, it’s not allow eat it during the event. We recommend to take the food with you at the end of the event.


1 - Managing an event is like a theater with a great staging.

The greatest virtue of a good server at an event is the ability to act, smile and show that work is fun and enjoyable, even if it is not so much fun.

In fact, it’s one of the best ways to win over guests and make it all work.

2 - Know the dishes in each service.

It is very important that the waiter knows the dishes that are in each service, in order to communicate it to the guests in time and generate a good impression.

Always take in consideration get to know guest food restrictions and allergies.

3 - Dishes are served at the same time and removed at the same time.

It is rude to serve the dishes separately and even more so to remove the dishes as the guest finishes eating. It is important that party staffing serve the dish at the same time, it will also add a touch of elegance to the event that many will appreciate.

4 - It is very important not to touch the edges of the glasses with your fingers.

It seems obvious, but many times due to work overload, the waiter serves a drink in this wrong way, which for hygiene could be returned by the customer.

5 - Beware of interrupting guests in the middle of a conversation.

In these cases, it is always more advisable to wait until the customer gives the waiter the floor. It is not only polite but it is also a highly valued courtesy by diners.

6 - When a guest gives advice.

When a guest gives an advice or suggestion for improvement, the ideal is to simply thank them and let them know that their comment will be taken into account, without dwelling on explanations or excuses.

7 - Personal Info

It is NOT CONSIDER PROFFESIONAL give away your phone number with guests. (This could be a cause of being Fired). It usually happens when customers like the service want to repeat the experience with the same Waitstaff and ask for the personal number. If the client wishes to hire the same Servers for future events, you as a waitstaff must let them know to call to the office and ask for the same staff.

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8. Take out the Trash

Never leave trash in the client event!

Each event is different and each requirement as well. For instance, in an event it could be a cocktail hour and servers for birthday parties must be aware of no guests are left unattended with the traypass. Or it could be a formal sit down dinner and the waiter must know all the formal setup of a gala


  • Uniform has to be polished. Must trim their beards. Women most tied their hair. Servers need to be able to  convey good energy no matter what is going on “behind the scenes”
  • If the event is a plate meal, unlike a restaurant where the waiter takes the order, leaves and stays away from the table, in events is the opposite, literally waitstaff have to stay right close to their tables and also be ready to help others when is required. Guests will appreciate your presence.
  • Need to be able to lift 45 pounds. In this case, some events requiring be setup and breakdown by the servers. This means that the waitstaff have setup tables, classify glassware, setup chafing dishes,  etc.
Staffing in events

Tips for work in houses event.

  • At houses events, the servers after being told what to do by the main guest the server have to ask permission to check every single shelf in the kitchen to know where goes every single items (glassware, silverware, bowls,  etc.) so it wont be lose once guest arrive and the main guest will appreciate don’t be bother for thousands of questions when they just want to enjoy with their guest.


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