Things you need for a Wedding.

Things you need for a Wedding.

Booking the wedding venue is crucial to ensuring that your wedding day is perfect. Some venues have limited availability, so it’s important to be proactive and book well in advance.

NYE Staffing March 27, 2020, 1:23pm

Wedding checklist

A place to get married 

Additionally, choosing the right catering to celebrate your wedding is just as important as the venue itself. It’s recommended to book early to ensure availability and to potentially secure a better price.

A bit of bureaucracy 

Getting married is such an important step that it inevitably involves some paperwork. It’s crucial to inform yourself thoroughly about the necessary procedures to ensure that your marriage is completely legal.

A guest list and some invitations 

Once you have secured the date and time for your wedding, it’s advisable to start working on the guest list. We recommend finalizing the guest list as soon as possible so that your guests have plenty of time to save the date on their calendar. However, invitations should only be sent out one or two months before the wedding (as long as the guests have been notified in advance.

Some alliances and a wedding bouquet 

The exchange of wedding rings is one of the most beautiful moments of the ceremony. Since the bride and groom will be wearing their rings for a long time,  it’s important to choose beautiful rings. Additionally, the moment when the bride throws the bouquet to the guests is also a beautiful tradition, so flowers are a must-have.

Some groomsmen & some bridesmaids 

Out of all the guests, a couple should be chosen to be the godparents (usually the honor falls upon the parents of the bride and groom). Additionally, it’s helpful to have some bridesmaids to accompany and assist the bride on her special day

A dress for the bride (and a suit for the groom) 


If you’re the bride, be prepared for a true pilgrimage in search of the dress of your dreams. But the process doesn’t end with the selection – you must also undergo several fittings to ensure you look your best on the big day. In recent times, the groom has also undergone a similar process in selecting his suit.

The great thing about a bridal dress is that each dress becomes one-of-a-kind once it’s been fitted to its unique wearer! Take this opportunity to showcase all of your brides from the past year and remind them how beautiful they looked.

Catering & Wait staff 

Hiring servers for wedding

This aspect cannot be underestimated, as a good team of waiters can make a significant impact on the energy of your special day. They will be present throughout the event, and their charisma and service can make a real difference. That’s why it’s important to have allies working for you instead of a company that only hires strangers to make a profit. Keep in mind that just as chemistry flows between two people who love each other, chemistry can also flow between wedding servers and guests

A photographer 

Do not be tempted to entrust the task of photographer to an amateur. When you’re reviewing the photos of the event, you’ll appreciate the image quality offered by a professional photographer. This is our list of essentials for a wedding. Do you think there is something missing, or would you add or remove anything? As always, the comments are open.

Written by AMANDA G. | Featuring  NYE STAFFING