Wedding Ideas

Organizing a wedding is something magical, really special. We want to help you make the most of this unique and unrepeatable moment with the best ideas and the most useful tips. Discover in our articles all the inspiration you are looking for for your big day.

The sand ceremony fuses the individualities of each one to compose a single whole, so the rite represents the union of the couple and the future to come. It is a refreshing air that gives civil weddings a new light.

Those couples who only have a civil ceremony can also make it very special. In recent times it is common to celebrate the civil ceremony directly in the room, which offers a greater range of possibilities to enjoy.


50 romantic songs to listen to as a couple, hit play!

Nothing more beautiful than enjoying a good song as a couple. From the bed while they have breakfast or while each one of the house chores, music is always the best company. We leave you 50 songs to share with that unique person.