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Things you need for a Wedding

Basics things Needed for a Wedding

Things you need for a Wedding

Wedding checklist

A place to get married 

The main thing and the first thing to achieve. We are not exaggerating when we say that you have to book a year in advance. The slots to get married in some churches are highly coveted, so you have to be proactive to ensure that the wedding will be on the date you want. A restaurant where to celebrate the wedding Almost as important as the place of the link is the place where it is held. And as in the previous case, it is advisable to book in advance, not only to have room but also to guarantee a better price. 

A bit of bureaucracy 

Such an important step as getting married cannot avoid a bit of paperwork. Inform yourself well about the procedures to be carried out so that the marriage is completely legal. 

A guest list and some invitations 

As you have the date of the hour closed, it is convenient to make the guest list. We always recommend closing this list as soon as possible so that everyone can make a space for you in their agenda. Of course, invitations can only be sent one or two months before the wedding (as long as the guests are on notice).


Things needed for a wedding

Some alliances and a wedding bouquet 

The moment of exchanging alliances is one of the most beautiful of the ceremony and since the bride and groom are going to wear that ring for a long time (or so he hopes) it is best that they be beautiful. It is also very beautiful the moment in which the bride throws the bouquet for one of the guests to pick it up, so the flowers cannot be missing either. 


Some groomsmen & some bridesmaids 

Among all the guests, a couple of them must be highlighted to be the godparents (the honor usually falls between the parents of the contracting parties). In the case of the guests, it never hurts to have some bridesmaids to accompany and help the bride. 

A dress for the bride (and a suit for the groom) 


If you are the bride, get ready for a real pilgrimage in search of the dress of your dreams. But the thing does not end with the election, you have to do several tests so that you look your best during the big day. In recent times the groom has also experienced a similar process with his suit. 

The great thing about a bridal dress feature is that every dress is one-of-a-kind once it’s been fitted to its unique wearer! Take this opportunity to feature all your brides from the past year and remind them how beautiful they are

Catering & Wait staff 

This part cannot be underestimated, since a good  team of waiters will be deploying everywhere and it depends on their charisma and their service, believe me that it will determine a large part of the energy that is experienced in your special day. That is why you should make sure you have allies in your wedding instead of a company that only hires strangers to make profit. You must take into account that just as chemistry flows between two people who love each other, in the same way chemistry flows between food servers for wedding and guest. 


A photographer 

Do not be tempted to entrust the task of photographer to an amateur. When you are reviewing the photos of the event you will appreciate the image quality offered by a professional photographer. This is our list of things that are needed for a wedding, do you think there is something missing? What would you add? (or what would you take away). As always, comments are open. 


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